Jimmy's Cave

> Hi, I'm Jimmy!
Welcome to my page! I'll be posting some things here and there, and keeping my projects here!

Hope you have a good stay!

> My Projects
I've done a couple projects in my life, and here are a couple I thought deserved a highlight.
- Minecraftn't - A minecraft clone
- Object Data Notation - A basic file format like JSON

Blog posts

> Persona 5 Strikers - Canonical non-canon canon spinoff sequel - 1th November 2023
A converted review of Persona 5 Strikers
ID: post_p5s

> Persona 5 Royal - Terribly Great - 16th August 2023
My thoughts and opinions on Persona 5 Royal
ID: post_p5

> The Super Mario Bros Movie - My opinion - 23rd April 2023
I watched the mario movie the other day, here's what I have to say.
ID: post_mario_movie

> A small rant about graphics - 8th Mars 2023
Jimmy converts a discord rant about graphics into a blog post
ID: post_gfx_rant

> The new site - 25th November 2022
We got a new site! Why and what changed?
ID: post_newsite

> Minecrafnt 24-11-22 - 24th November 2022
Reupload of Minecraftnt devlog
ID: mc_third

> Minecrafnt 04-11-22 - 4th November 2022
Reupload of Minecraftnt devlog
ID: mc_second

> Minecrafnt 30-10-22 - 30th October 2022
Reupload of Minecraftnt devlog
ID: mc_first